Thank you for your continued support. We are honored to be your firefighters. Please do not hesitate to contact Local 4211 with any questions you may have.

Proud To Serve The Citizens of Des Plaines.


We regret to pass along that one of our active-duty members, Tom Bauer, passed away unexpectedly on October 22nd, 2021. No specific details are set for services or arrangements, but we will make sure to pass this information along to all of you once these are set. We ask that you keep his family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

No photo description available.

Active Firefighters – Military Service

  • E5-SGT Jim Mulvihill – U.S. Marine Corps
  • E4-SPC Jeff Gove – U.S. Army
  • E4-STS/SS3 Lance Harm – U.S. Navy
  • Rank Mark Pawlyk – U.S. Army
  • Tom Bauer – U.S. Army
  • E5-HM2 George Hidalgo – U.S. Navy
  • E4-CPL George Trikolas – U.S. Marine Corps
  • E6-SSG Kyle Blank – U.S. Marine Corps
  • E4-SRA Nathan Oelslager – U.S. Air Force
  • E4-SPC  Mariusz Czerweic – U.S. Army Reserve


Current LODD 2021: 105


Des Plaines Fire Department

  • Founded 1891
  • Stations
    • Station 61: 405 S River Rd
    • Station 62: 1313 E Oakton St
    • Station 63: 130 E Thacker St
  • Firefighters/shift: 21
  • Apparatus
    • Engines: E61, E62
    • Tower: TW61
    • Squad: S63
    • Ambulances: A61, A62, A63, A64
    • Water Rescue: Dive63 & Boat 63
    • Technical Rescue: TRT63
    • Hazardous Materials: HZMT63

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